McARCS can offer communications services for both disasters and public service events

Here is the schedule for some of the events that McARCS is planning for 2023 with event coordinators listed:

  • Annual coastal Tsunami Watch communications exercise – March 29 - KC6MGM
  • Annual school district earthquake damage report exercise – Spring TBD - KJ6EIF
  • Communications for the Mendocino Ultra Marathon – April 22 - KC6MGM
  • Annual County-Wide Health System communications exercise – May TBA - WB9NJS
  • Communications for the annual “Mendocino Monster” bike ride event – likely canceled
  • Annual Nation-Wide Field Day communications exercise – June 24 - 25
  • International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend Operating event, Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse – August 19 - 20
  • Annual State-Wide Shakeout exercise – October TBA - KC6MGM

We can offer communications for other events where ham radio can provide an essential safety or logistical service particularly where other forms of communications are not appropriate or available.

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