McARCS can offer communications services for both disasters and public service events

Here is the schedule for some of the events that McARCS is planning for 2021 with event coordinators listed:

Until further notice many of these events requiring in-person meetings may have been cancelled due to COVID-19 Quarantine

  • Annual coastal Tsunami Watch communications exercise – March 25, 11 AM KC6MGM
  • Annual school district earthquake damage report exercise – Open KJ6EIF Cancelled
  • Communications for the Mendocino Ultra Marathon – April WB9NJS Cancelled
  • Communications for the annual “The Human Race” event in Ukiah – May W6JRC Cancelled
  • Annual County-Wide Health System communications exercise – May WB9NJS Postponed
  • Communications for the annual “Mendocino Monster” bike ride event, Ukiah to the coast and return – June KK6UEV Cancelled
  • Annual Nation-Wide Field Day communications exercise – June 26 - 27 KJ6EIF Inland event was held at Todd Grove park in Ukiah, Coastal event was held at the senior center in Fort Bragg.
  • International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend Operating event, Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse – August 21 - 22 Cancelled.
  • Annual State-Wide Shakeout exercise – October 21th - KC6MGM

We can offer communications for other events where ham radio can provide an essential safety or logistical service particularly where other forms of communications are not appropriate or available.


Once again McARCS will participate in The Great California Shakeout drill exercise this year on October 21, 2021.

Shortly before 10 AM many local nets will be activated and record simulated shaking intensity resulting from the simulated earthquake via a net check in on the usual local net frequencies. There will be a separate tsunami watch net for those stations on the coast that had concerns about that event. Starting at about 10:10 AM a county-wide net will be activated on the county-wide linked repeater system with a call first for participating health care facilities followed by a report from the Mendocino County Office of Education regarding participation from various school district ofices. Following that will be reports from the various local nets regarding local operators prepared to pass emergency traffic. After that there will be an opportunity for individual stations to check in. The Tsunami net will provide a report on wave and bridge conditions after collecting reports from multiple locations. Multiple linked repeaters on the coast will coordinate the activities and observations of that net and the final report will be made via the county-wide linked repeater system. Following the Tsunami net report, the county-wide linked repeater system will be open for digitally transmitted reports via fldigi/flmsg.