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December 7th, 2021 - 7pm on the County-Wide repeater network

Designing, Constructing, and Operating a Solar-Powered Remote Base Station

Many hams in remote areas with challenging terrain have wondered what they can do to relocate their equipment for better performance, even if there's no AC power nearby. Steve, KJ6EIF, will be giving a presentation on his solar-powered remote base station setup. Download the PDF below and join us on this week's Tech Net!

Designing, Constructing, and Operating a Small Solar-Powered Remote Base Station

January 26, 2021 - 7pm on the County-Wide repeater network

Many thanks to our Tech-Net host, Len, WA6KLK, for welcoming this special presentation:

Go Box Show and Tell - Emergency Portable Communication

Are you ready to respond to an emergency with Ham Radio Communications on a moment's notice? Whether your goal is to listen for the most current info about the emergency, or to support response efforts with Ham Radio communications, you will need to be prepared to operate from a portable location. This edition of the Technical Net is for you. Several of our local hams will share their thoughts on construction on-the-air! Please download the following outlines and pictures so you can follow along.

Go box Agenda
KC6MGM Radio go kit 2
KM6FCR Ammo can radio overview
KM6FCR Emergency deployment digi go boxes
KM6QIK Complete go bag
W6FQX VHF Radio deployment go kit list
WB9NJS Go kit strategy






Here is a photos of my “Go Kit”. The Icon 7100 is an all band
transceiver. My Prius Plugin has large battery capacity, Anderson
Powerpole connectors and a Yaesu FTM 400 vhf/uhf transceiver
installed. The antenna works great as an inverted V on 40meters and
above. The mast extends to 30 feet and can be supported by bungees
next to the vehicle. MIke, KM6OTE