Upcoming Meetings

For the time being during the COVID-19 pandemic, the monthly meetings will be held via a Zoom conference. The next meeting is scheduled to be on August 8 2022 at 6 PM and will not be in the sheriff's training center at 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah.

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Meeting agendas and minutes can be found in the Resources section.

Tentative changes with community net reporting

It is a pleasure to hear the high levels of local community net participation that are reported every Wednesday evening on the County-wide Net. Community net participation establishes strong local relationships while honing your radio communication skills. It is also exciting that many hams explore the simplex pathways available to them by also checking in to additional community nets beyond their own. The knowledge of these paths could be very valuable if repeaters were not accessible during an emergency.

In order to present more representative data about community net participation to the County Office of Emergency Services, we are requesting that community net controls expand their reporting to the County-Wide net, for the next four (4) weeks, by first reporting the total number of participants, as you do now, and second by reporting the number of participants that are local. Thus your Community Net report would sound something like this:

“For North Coast Simplex, this is KJ6EIF, tonight we had a total of 10 participants, including 6 local”.

We are leaving it up to the community net control to determine which stations to count as local. We ask that you try this expanded reporting for four (4) weeks and give us feedback. If we believe it provides the County OES with a more accurate idea of community net participation to use for their emergency response planning and prioritizing, then we will ask that you continue to report both numbers.

Because all net participation is valuable, we encourage every ham to check into their local community net first and then tune in the other net frequencies, listen, and if possible, check in. Discovering simplex pathways to other communities is fun and observing how those pathways fluctuate with changing propagation can be very interesting.

Thank you in advance for participating in this experiment to improve our emergency response preparedness.

August 2022 test sessions

LakeportFort Bragg
WhereLake County Office of Education
1152 S. Main St. (parking and test room accessible from K St.)
Redwood Coast Senior Center
490 N. Harold St.
WhenAugust 13th @ 9:30 AMAugust 13th @ noon
InfoNo walk-ins, pre-registration required, $15 test fee
Registration contactKen AI7NGJonathan KK6RPX

For links to last summer's technician class video recordings, click here. Note that the technician class test question pool changed on July 1st, so the questions on the current test may be slightly different than the material covered in the videos.

If you have questions regarding the license test sections covered in the videos above, click here.

For study materials and copies of the PowerPoint presentations used in the classes, contact Nick KI6RIT.

ALERT: Effective April 19th, the FCC will be implementing a $35 application fee for new license applications. Upgrading an existing license to a higher class is exempt. The fee is in addition to the $15 test fee. Volunteer examiners (VEs) won't be collecting the application fee; you will need to make payment to the FCC directly. Click here for more information.

June 2022 test session results

On Saturday, June 25th, a test session was held in Lakeport. Of the two people that tested, one passed their technician-class test.

2022 Field Day aftermath

Field Day was held on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th this year. Well over a dozen hams participated, with a few making their first HF contacts! Here's the statistics:

Total contacts: 123

  • Voice mode contacts: 99
    • Get on the Air (GOTA) station contacts: 14
  • Digital mode contacts: 24

Contacts by band

  • 40 meters: 98
  • 20 meters: 23
  • 15 meters: 2


  • States and provinces worked: 32
    • US: 111 contacts total
    • Canada: 12 contacts total

To view a map of the sections worked (generated by the excellent N3FJP Field Day logging program), click here.

Thank you to everyone that participated, the Willits Amateur Radio Society, and the Mendocino Auxiliary Communications Service!

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