McARCS Membership

Membership in the Mendocino County Amateur Radio Communications Service is granted to those that participate in the McARCS events, including checking into the weekly county-wide net on a regular basis, communications for various public service events, and public safety drill exercises in preparation and practice for communications during or following a disaster.

We have no membership application and no dues requirement. We are funded only by donations and financial grants. By this method we have installed a fully functional HF (75m and 40m) and VHF/UHF (2m and 70cm) station at the Emergency Operations Center and VHF transceivers with antennas and power supplies at many health care facilities and school district offices around the county.

Membership entitles you to further participate in McARCS activities. We may ask you for an email address and/or phone numbers so that we may contact you off the radio for coordination purposes. We will not generally publish this information but will hold this information closely within the McARCS in-person meeting group and exercise coordinators. Everyone is invited to attend the monthly planning meetings as announced in the weekly county-wide net or on the McARCS web site.

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