Training Resources

This page contains useful information and links for obtaining an amateur radio license and furthering your skill set.

Technician License Classes

In March and April 2023, WARS, MACS, and McARCS held a series of classes for obtaining a technician level amateur radio license. Recordings of these classes have been uploaded to YouTube and made available to everyone. The material in these classes is valid until June 30th, 2026. A new question pool will take effect after then.

To view the videos below without leaving this page, right click on the link and select Open in New Tab.

Day 1 - Section 5 (Electrical Principles) and Section 6 (Electrical Components, Circuit Diagrams, & Component Functions)
Day 2 - Section 3 (Radio Waves & Propagation) and Section 0 (Safety)
Day 3 - Section 8 (Signals & Emissions), Section 9 (Antennas & Feedlines), and Section 7 (Practical Circuits)
Day 4 - Section 2 (Operating Procedures) and Section 4 (Amateur Practices)
Day 5 - Section 1 (FCC Rules & Regulations)

Practice Exams

There are a number of websites that provide practice license exams with the current question pools. A couple of popular ones are listed here:


Finding a nearby license class or exam session

The ARRL website offers search tools for finding classes and exam sessions near you.

Find an Amateur Radio License Class
Find an Amateur Radio License Exam Session