Operating Tips (Download and Save to Folder of your Choice)

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) - updated June 2017
Circuit Merit Signal Reporting
Digital Messages via Ham Radio - updated May 31, 2020
flmsg CUSTOM American Red Cross Forms
flmsg CUSTOM Local Weather Reporting Form

Do we want a team approach to EmComm
Email using ham radio (Winlink) updated May 2021
Formatting and Sending Radiograms – updated May 2017
Making Good Operating Procedures A Habit
Phonetic Alphabet

Message Handling Workshop
Portable Operating Considerations
PowerPole Connector guide
Tactical Call Signs

Ham Radio Deluxe (the last free version) is no longer available on-line from any of the previous sources.
It may be available locally from any of the hams using it as a 93 MB email attachment.
Check with the webmaster (W6FQX (at) arrl.net) who might be able to provide a copy..